Latest Lemur News

Latest Lemur News

Liquid Lemur is working its way back to where it once was, minus a few desktop editions of course. The image above is from the first “official” Liquid Lemur Linux release years ago. This was the release where Liquid OS became Liquid Lemur. This was the Xfce edition (no longer in production). It was built on Debian “testing” and more or less a rolling release. So, why bring all this up? Well, besides taking a trip down memory lane, as mentioned before, Lemur is going back to its roots. To once again be a base distro (OS). To once again be based on the testing branch of Debian and more or less be a rolling release. The Alpha 2 release (coming soon to PC near you!) will complete that transition.

That’s right, From Alpha 2 going forward, Liquid Lemur will once again be a base distro built from Debian testing branch. It will be a rolling release (more or less). The custom Lemur apps are being updated. APEman is getting a major overhaul (under the hood). And after many years of using the LMDE based installer (which I’m grateful to Ikey for sharing) Lemur will be transitioning to the Calamares Installer. I feel that it will better suit my needs for Lemur in the long run.  The default desktop apps suite lineup will change as well, but I haven’t finalized the list yet. Also, you may have noticed I’m bringing back the Window Maker Resurrection Project (WMRP). Check the forums for more details.

I’m working on Lemur as much as I can and hope to have Alpha 2 out soon. Thank you for your support and your patience!

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