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Liquid Lemur 3.2 Alpha 1 is now officially under development...

...more to follow...
I did a test run of the Lemur-ized Dreamlinux build scripts yesterday. Things did not go as planned. I think the scripts need more of a Dreamlinux environment to fully work. Anyway, I have scratched the Dreamlinux build scripts from Lemur. This morning I sat down and re-wrote the old Lemur build scripts from memory (an old memory, I might add). After some trial and error a (bare-bones) Lemur 3.2 ISO was born, weighing in at 275mb! Before anyone gets excited about a 275mb ISO...that was just enough to boot to a command line. No apps, desktop, etc.

In the process, I managed to fix the UEFI issue of the 3.0 and 3.1 Lemurs. The ISO will now boot properly on Legacy and UEFI machines.

In order to speed things up a bit, I will not be replacing the Lemur Installer or Lemur Updater in this release. The current ones work and not replacing them will give me time to work on other things more pressing.

I am off work this week and hope to get 3.2 ready for release during this time. Fingers and toes crossed...
I may have spoke too soon on the Lemur Installer and Lemur Updater. It seems that I lost those as well. I still have the OLD versions, but I would want to apply the updates / patches to them before using. Or I could go ahead and make the switch I was planning... decisions... I think I'll just use the old ones for now and apply the patches (I still remember the bits that needed patching).

I also need to figure out what to do about the custom Lemur apps (they were lost as well). I could just copy them from the previous ISO, but that gets messy. Again, I have the old versions but a lot of fixes and features are missing from them. I will have to sleep on this one and make the call tomorrow.

For now, I do have a working Window Maker ISO (pure stock at the moment), minus all the Lemur-ized bits. Over the next couple of days I will be adding all the Lemur-ized bits into the build and hopefully get 3.2 ready for testing...
Well, I managed to get a Lemur-ized ISO built. However, the installer is not working properly. So, I'm probably just going to make the switch now to the new installer that I had on the list of things to change. No sense in trying to fix something I'm going to replace anyway.

During my digging through old backups, I found a backup of the custom Lemur apps that is not to old. So we might be okay there. Time will tell.

I will try to piece together a new ISO with the installer change and add in the Lemur apps. If all goes well then I will add in the updater and all the Lemur artwork.

Stay tuned...
So, a couple of people have suggested removing the Xfce4 bits (or at least as much as possible) to give Lemur a more "pure" Window Maker environment. While I have thought about this before, doing so would take away some of the "ease of use" aspects of Lemur as a whole. For example, removing the Thunar file manager and replacing it with the Sunflower file manager (which, by the way, is already in Lemur as an alternative file manager).

I don't want to turn Lemur into a "GNUstep" type distro, but I am curious about others thoughts on this. Feel free to comment here or message me.
Just a quick update...

With the upcoming freeze for Debian Testing and it becoming Debian Stable soon, I've decided to build the 3.2 ISO from Buster. I spent most of this weekend rebuilding the ISO and working on the new installer. The new installer does work, but I need to Lemur-ize it. I've also rebuilt the Lemur Updater app but I can't test it until I get an ISO ready for installation testing.

This release will feature the default Window Maker layout (the Lemur menus and other custom bits will be there though), a new installer, and new artwork. I've also decided to go ahead and remove as much of the Xfce4 bits as I can. I don't want to lose too much of Lemur's "ease of use" features though. Those that prefer the "Hybrid" layout (from Lemur 3.0) will be able to activate it from the Morpher app within Lemur.

I will post the default apps lineup (for the "Favorites" menu) as soon as I decided what they will be.

Lemur development is slow, but steady.

...Stay Tuned!...
Okay, so I've built a test ISO for the next Lemur with the default Window Maker layout. However, most of the Window Maker dock apps are not working. So now I've got to deal with that. I've been using Window Maker in the Lemur Hybrid mode so I don't ever see any dock apps. I'll have to do some research on this.

Also, I discovered that the Lemur Morpher tool is also not working. After doing some research I found that it wasn't working in the previous version of Lemur either. So, I'll have to look into that as well. 

I can fix the Morpher and Themer tools, but if the majority of the Window Maker dock apps are not working then that will change things. It will either limit the default dock apps available in Lemur, require me (or someone) to fix the broken dock apps, or stick with Hybrid mode.

So, I've got my work cut out for me...  Dodgy

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