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3.0.0-a1 Release Notes

Welcome back to Lemur! This release is a very early Alpha (more like pre-Alpha) Lemur. While it did function well during testing, it's not complete. I really wanted to wait, but felt I should get this one out in the wild and get some feedback on what has been done so far. Please note, there are bits of this release that are experimental.

This release is pre-Morphed into the Hybrid-Light morph. If you prefer the traditional Window Maker layout, then use the Morpher tool in APEman and select the Legacy morph.

Below is a short known issues list (check the forums for more details):

Liquid Lemur Linux 3.0.0-a1 KNOWN-ISSUES:

    - Not all custom apps are fully functional.
    - User's Guide is still a work in progress.
    - The "Favorites" menu items are not all installed (See forums for more details).
    - There is no Office suite pre-installed in this release (Again, please see the forums).


    - Hibernate only seems to work under the Liquorix kernels (at least on my laptop).
    - Save session wasn't working correctly, so it's disabled for now (Sessions can be saved via the Window Maker menu, prior to running quitting Liquid Lemur).


    - The welcome app can be buggy. So, I'm working on a new one.


    - Morpher seems to be working, but is still considered experimental.
    - Themer is not quite ready. Use with caution. Tongue
    - Add-ons and Editions are outdated. They will be updated next release.


    - Currently only fully localized in English (will be fixed next release).
Some additional notes:
  • I need to get rid of that annoying PC speaker beep (thought I did)!
  • The default Conky is too tall for smaller screens (i.e. laptops).
  • The Lemur Installer slides need updating.
  • The Plymouth theme was not properly set.
  • The login box in the LightDM theme is in the wrong spot (trivial I know).
  • I forgot the Home folders (Desktop, Downloads, Documents, etc.).
  • I meant to add a desktop icon for the Lemur Installer.
  • I forgot a few apps (xarchiver, pulseaudio, etc.).
  • I'm sure there is more...
Most of the above has already been fixed in the upcoming Alpha 2 release.

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