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liquidlemur-4.0.0-b1 - Lemur - 08-17-2019

Liquid Lemur 4 Beta 1 is now being developed.

There were a few issues with the Alpha 1 release. Mostly due to me forgetting to change a build script or two (Old age

For those curious, I always use two different build scripts. One for testing builds and one for release builds. The testing script sets a lot of things up for debugging and keeping logs. The release script removes all that.

Anyway, in the testing script I had some different apps set to install and some that were removed. For example: In the testing script I had replaced the aging Lemur Installer with Calamares. I also had removed other apps such as Lemur Welcome. Well, in the release script I failed to update the app lists and it basically built a Lemur 3 on a Debian Buster base. Rolleyes 

The build scripts have since been corrected and now the building begins...