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Work now begins on Lemur 3.0 - Alpha 2!
So, Terminator seems to be giving me fits lately. I'm going back to good old xterm going forward. I've got my work cut out for me with the next release, but things are going well.
Current Status:
  • Starting with this release, Lemur is going back to the Debian "testing" branch. The Alpha 2 of this is built.  Staying on Stable for now.
  • We are dropping the LMDE style installer and switching to Calamares. The latest release has been added to Alpha 2.
  • The Plymouth theme issue has been fixed.
  • A new default Conky was made. We removed the time and date bits (as suggested by LarryDC). This made it shorter for smaller screens.
  • The GTK theme in Alpha 1 was actually not what we selected. This has been updated.
  • The desktop icons are now enabled by default, to make it easier for new Lemur users to find the installer via a desktop icon.
  • Installed several "system" apps missing from Alpha 1.
  • Added the proper home folders and updated bookmarks file for them (they were missing in Alpha 1).
  • Updated lightDM theme.
  • Updated Grub themes.
  • Currently rewriting several Lemur apps (APEman, Lemur Welcome, Lemur Conky, etc.).
  • Fixed config issue with desktop icons.
More to follow...

EDIT: Due to numerous issues, Lemur will remain on Debian Stable for now...

A sample of the Alpha 2 Conky and desktop icons layout...
Tyler (dgf64) was kind enough to make a new wallpaper or two for Lemur. Here is one of them. It's in 4k. I think I'll use it for the default wallpaper in Alpha 2.
My current work schedule has kept me busy lately and I haven't had a lot of free time to work on Lemur. However, This weekend is open for me to get some Lemur stuff done.

I anticipate the Alpha 2 release being ready by the end of the month...or sooner.
Well, things didn't go as  I ended up being sick for a week and working extra. So, Alpha 2 isn't ready. I'm also having some trouble with the testing branch. Some packages I use are not in testing so I've had to get creative.

Some have suggested that I drop the Debian base altogether and I'm starting to seriously think about it. Debian has become more fragmented (package wise) than it use to be. At least I feel like it has. Maybe it's just me Tongue

Anyway, I've got some time off this week so I hope to sort it all out and get Alpha 2 out there.

Hang in there...

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