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Lemur Menu
A little info on the custom Lemur menus I use in Window Maker...

The first option is "Liquid Lemur Tools" and it holds the majority of the custom Lemur apps. There are links to other apps as well (such as Synaptic). It is recommended that you run Synaptic (Package Management) from the Lemur Tools menu (or the wmdrawer toolbox if you are using the stock (Legacy Morph) Window Maker setup). Running Synaptic from this location will also run the Lemur Apps Menu Updater after you exit Synaptic. The "Apps Menu Updater" is a simple little tool I created to update the "Applications" menu with links to any apps you just installed via Synaptic. If you install packages outside of Synaptic (GDebi, command line, etc.) then you can and should run the "Apps Menu Updater" manually (via the Liquid Lemur Tools menu). As long as the package you install follows the desktop standards it should show up in the Applications menu. If it doesn't, you could add it to the Favorites menu.

The next option is "Favorites" and it holds links to your everyday/favorite apps. It can be edited via the Favorites Configure app.

Then we have "Applications" which holds all the apps installed in Lemur, separated into various categories.

The rest of the menu options should be self-explanatory.

All of this and more will be explained in more detail in the Lemur User Guide, which I hope to have ready soon.

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