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I've updated the old ISO to "liquidlemur-1.70.1-a3.iso" on Source Force (link on main site - Downloads page).

The only thing that was updated was the installer. I just patched it to NOT remove so much post-install, making Lemur not work correctly.

Please keep in mind that this release is old and based on Debian 8 (Jessie). It is perfectly usable and you could upgrade it to Debian 9, but expect breakages.

This version of the installer gets stuck on any Windows 10 secure boot partitions on your system. You can either wait and it will eventually time out and continue the install or you can run the installer from the terminal (live-installer) as root and hit CTRL C when it gets stuck on the Windows 10 partition and the install will continue.

The Lemur update-manager will not work properly and close. This is due to it looking for the old Lemur REPO, which no longer exists. Synaptic and apt still work fine. The custom Lemur control center (APEman) will not "fully" function for the same reason. A new Lemur REPO will be up and running soon.

These issues will be fixed in the next release.
I have removed this release from the Downloads page (and all mirrors). It may take a couple of days for the changes to propagate globally.

I removed it due to the pending release of Liquid Lemur 3.0. Hopefully, this will avoid some confusion as the two releases are not compatible. This release could not be upgraded to the new Lemur 3.0.

This release was actually built with the SolydXK Constructor app and there's just too much non-Lemur bits in it. I usually build Lemur with the Debian Live scripts, but this release was pieced together quickly to aid in testing my custom Lemur (Window Maker) apps. The new Lemur 3.0 is built like the old Lemurs, with the Debian Live scripts.

Lemur 3.0 is about a week away from release...for those waiting.  Big Grin

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