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For those that remember the old Liquid Lemur Window Maker edition, you may recall we had a separate site to help preserve Window Maker. It was the Window Maker Resurrection Project (WMRP). Well, I am bringing WMRP back, but not as a separate site. Instead, WMRP will be added the forums.

So, what is WMRP? Back in the days of the old Lemurs I was using Window Maker code from Carlos Mafra and I built Window Maker for Lemur from it. I also built several of the dockapps used in the old Lemur. At the time, Window Maker in the Debian repos was old and dockapps were lacking. Since then a lot of the dockapps Lemur uses are now in Debian and Carlos Mafra's Window Maker is also now in Debian. Which is great, it reduces my work load on building Lemur. But what about all the other bits missing? What happens if things start getting removed from Debian again? Well, this is where WMRP comes in.

WMRP was (and will be again) a central location to store all things Window Maker. From updated Window Maker code, to dockapps, to themes, etc. I, along with several others, searched the internet and gathered anything Window Maker related we could find. Some of us even updated the code to several dockapps that were outdated.

I have found most of the WMRP backups and will get things setup again as soon as possible. I will create a separate section here in the forums to hold it all.

-Stay tuned-
Due to the design change of sticking with the hybrid Window Maker layout going forward, WMRP will no longer be supported...unless someone else wants to take it over.

Contact me if interested...

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