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The first Alpha release of Liquid Lemur 3.0 will be labelled "liquidlemur-2.70.0-a1.iso" going forward. The Betas will be 2.80.0, the RC releases will be 2.90.0, and then 3.0.0 for public release.

The 3.0 base is currently being built. After we get the base built and working we will get all the custom Lemur apps updated and added to the Lemur REPO.

We ask for your patience during this process. We are basically starting from scratch, so this won't be overnight.


The new base is ready. Starting to update all the custom Lemur apps. We will also have a new theme for this release.

The Lemur repo will be populated with the updated apps, themes, and more once they are ready.
So, I've been having trouble with the "single-click" option in Window Maker affecting the right-mouse-click. So I moved Lemur back to double-click for now. Another solution would be to hold the right-mouse-button until the cursor is on the designated item and then release.

I wrote a very short and simple script to run the Lemur (Window Maker) apps menu updater after Synaptic. It was added to the "Liquid Lemur Tools" menu. Using this menu item instead of the Applications menu item for Synaptic will not require you to run the apps menu updater manually. I'll put this in the upcoming Lemur guide.


Progress on the next Lemur release is slow, but steady...
There's been a lot going on in my world the past couple of months. This has caused me to get behind on Lemur development. As mentioned before, the new base is built. Work continues and is currently focused on these areas: init scripts (startup), the installer, update manager, and the Lemur custom apps. Below, I've listed some key points in these four areas that need work.

Init Scripts:
  • Improve startup
  • Custom GRUB screen
  • Custom Plymouth theme (from old Lemur)
  • Custom Login theme (from old Lemur)
Lemur Installer:
  • Improve other OS / Partition handling
  • Add option to update Lemur during install
  • Add options for adding Lemur editions / add-ons during install
  • Add ability to add multiple users during install
Update Manager:
  • Replace aging update manager with a better system
  • Runs in the background, out of the way and only visible when needed
  • Possibly incorporate updating with a newer software manger
Lemur Custom Apps:
  • Update all Lemur custom apps
  • Revamp editions and add-ons in APEman
  • Improve Morpher and Themer in APEman
  • Increase options for System Settings in APEman
  • Fix bugs in Lemur Favorites and Lemur Autostart
  • Add better options to deal with multi-monitor support in APEman / System Settings
  • Update Lemur menus
  • Create new Lemur Toolbox app to house all Lemur custom tools
I'm making some good progress on Lemur this week!

Improvements have been made to the installer, power management, and the Lemur tool set. This includes the Morpher and Themer tools in APEman. Those are now functional...finally! Attached to this post is a screenshot of Lemur running the "Hybrid-Light" morph. This morph removes the Window Maker Clip and Dock, activates a simple panel, conky, and sets a default theme / layout. Giving you a cleaner looking desktop with most of the functionality of Window Maker still intact. Window Maker is the base for all morphs. Currently, I have three different morph packs built. We have the default / factory morph (like a fresh install of Lemur) that is a traditional Window Maker setup, then we have Hybrid-Light (seen in this post), and Hybrid-Full (same as Hybrid-Light, but also includes a dock bar and ability to use desktop icons). The Themer tool will come with several themes at release. Currently, I only have one built (Lemur-Blue) and is seen in the attached image.

You may also notice in the attached screenshot that we now have functional (and configurable) composting in Window Maker.

I still have a lot to do, but Liquid Lemur 3.0 is not far off now.

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A little update...

In order to build a new Lemur, based on Debian 9 (Stretch), I had to rewrite the Lemur build scripts. The old scripts from past Lemurs failed completely. I was able to get my new scripts to build the Lemur Debian base. From there I manually installed all the Lemur-izations after I installed the base. However, for release of Lemur to the public, the build scripts have to build a complete Lemur. I can't release a base ISO and ask the public to manually install the other bits that make up Lemur. Which leads me to my next point. I'm having issues with the scripts that add the Lemur-ization bits to the build. The Debian Live tools, commands, layout, etc. have changed a bit since I last used them.

So, as soon as I get the scripts sorted to where they will build a complete Lemur then testing will begin. After successful testing, the new Liquid Lemur 3.0 will be released. I'm estimating by the first week of May, 2018.

So, I've decided against the release numbering scheme mentioned in the first message of this thread. Instead of 2.70.0, 2.80.0, 2.90.0, etc. I will stick with just plain old Liquid Lemur 3.0.0-a1 (a1 for Alpha 1, b1 for Beta 1, rc1 for Release Candidate). The final release of Lemur 3 will just be 3.0.0.

I made this change (suggested by a friend) to avoid confusion. So, people don't confuse 2.70.0 with Lemur 2.0. This should make it clear it is Lemur 3.
Liquid Lemur 3.0 ISO is built. I am going to test it over the weekend and if all goes well, I'll release it next week.

Fingers and toes crossed! Big Grin
Liquid Lemur 3.0 Alpha 1 released!

...Closing thread...

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