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If you are looking for the ISOs for Liquid Lemur you will find them via mirrors (listed below). If you have any trouble with the downloads then please let me know. I can’t fix it if I don’t know it’s broke. Click the “CONTACT” menu link, upper right, to contact me. If all else fails, send me your address and I’ll mail you the disc of your choice. Be sure to check the forums for release notes and known issues.

Liquid Lemur 4.1 Alpha 1:


Liquid Lemur was never intended to be a “Beginner’s” distro. However, anyone familiar with Linux should be able to figure it out. If you are uncomfortable with occasional breakage then Liquid Lemur may not be right for you. We offer help, via this site and in our forums, to those who may need it. Since we all need help from time to time, we are also willing to accept help and suggestions from others…we are by no means “experts.”

Liquid Lemur is by its nature considered experimental. If you are not able or willing to fix a broken system this distro is not recommended.

The developers are not responsible for loss of sleep, increased caffeine intake, data loss, computer meltdown, etc.