We begin again…

We begin again…

It’s hard to believe that Liquid Lemur is over 10 years old! I originally started it back in 2007 (It officially became known as Liquid Lemur in 2009). It started out as Palemoon Linux and later became Liquid OS. I was never happy with those names and those distros were more experimental than anything else. My focus at the time was on DreamStep (built for the Dreamlinux community). When I left the Dreamlinux team and set out to build my own distro I had to come up with a new name (read the About page for more details) — Liquid Lemur was born!

Just as Lemur was working its way up the list on Distrowatch, I had some family issues that caused me to leave the project and hand it off to the other developers/people helping me. It was shortly after that Liquid Lemur faded into the lost distro sunset. I attempted to bring Lemur back a time or two, but my heart wasn’t in it. Last fall I was cleaning up some old hard drives and found a bunch of Lemur stuff on one of those hard drives. The Lemur bug bit me again and here we are — beginning again.

I’ve been working on Lemur for several months now. It has been a slow process, but the new release is very close to being ready. The old Lemur build scripts I wrote do not work with Debian 9 (Stretch). So, for now I’ve been building things by hand. I am working on a “Build-a-Lemur” app that will build a Lemur ISO at the click of a button. Hopefully, I can use that for the next release. It would greatly speed up the build process of Lemur.

I’ve made some drastic changes to Lemur this time around. The biggest change being Lemur going back to its roots of being a “base” distro for users to build on. The custom Lemur app, APEman, makes this all possible. I’m also keeping my focus on a Window Maker Lemur. Xfce is not on my list at the moment. To be honest, the Morpher and Themer apps I created for Window Maker make the Xfce Lemur kind of pointless. I know we had several variations of Lemur (Xfce, Window Maker, KDE, Openbox, etc.) back in the day, but I’m back to being a one-man dev team and I don’t have the time for more Lemur variations. This could possibly change in the future.

Currently, I use the new Lemur as my main OS. I’m running the Hybrid-Lite Morph (seen in the image above and yes that is Window Maker.). I have Solus on another drive as back up for when I mess up Lemur. 😀 I’ve always liked Ikey’s work and appreciate all the help he gave me back in the beginning! Although his selfie pics don’t show it (hehe), he does have a kind heart. 😀

So, here we go again…

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