The (re)Building Begins

The (re)Building Begins

Let’s get back to building a better Lemur! Over the last few months I’ve been building and rebuilding all things Liquid Lemur. During that time a lot has happened. I had a career change, continued to devote time to my own business, family, and life in general. I had a huge setback with the data loss. A lot of Lemur bits were lost. Former Dreamlinux dev, Nelson, provided the old Dreamlinux build scripts (glad he still had them) and the reBuilding of Liquid Lemur began. It’s a lot of work to start over…and over…again!

During the last two months or so, I’ve heard from a lot of people. Mostly via email or IM. The general consensus is to focus on Window Maker as the default and only desktop for Lemur. Most did not want to go back to the barebones Lemur of old, and preferred a little more meat (apps) out of the box. Many also would prefer the default Window Maker layout for the ISO, instead of the Hybrid.

So, taking all this into consideration, the next Lemur (3.2) will come with the default Window Maker layout active. If you prefer the Hybrid layout, it can easily be switched via the Lemur Morpher tool. Also, Lemur will come with more (everyday) apps installed out of the box. Editions will still be available in APEman, but they will be trimmed down a bit. As mentioned before, Tyler (dgf64) created some new artwork for Lemur and the 3.2 release will showcase that. There have been other ideas, thoughts, etc. and I will try to incorporate those into Lemur if they are deemed beneficial as a whole.

I have spent the last couple of months tweaking the old Dreamlinux build scripts for Lemur and I can safely say, they have been tweaked! So, the (re)Building of Liquid Lemur now begins…

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