The Future Lemur…

The Future Lemur…

As I have mentioned previously, I’m having trouble with the Window Maker dock apps used in Lemur. This has been an ongoing problem since day one of the Window Maker Lemurs. However, it seems to get worse with each Debian update. This is why, years ago, I started the Window Maker Resurrection Project (WMRP). I gathered as much Window Maker stuff as I could find. From apps, to themes and styles, and more. At one point, work was started on re-coding the dock apps to run on a newer base. Sadly, it seems those days are long gone.

Recently, I built a stock Debian 10 ISO. Without any Lemur bits added. I proceeded to install Window Maker and all the dock apps Lemur uses, straight from the Debian repos. About one third of those apps worked. This could just be a Debian thing as I haven’t tested the dock apps on other Linux bases (such as Arch). But I believe a lot of these dock apps are no longer being actively developed.

So where does that leave Lemur? Well, personally I like my hybrid Window Maker layout. It has the speed and power of Window Maker with a more pleasing look (IMHO). However, it lacks some features of a more modern desktop and I know not everyone likes the hybrid layout. Lemur is sort of stuck in the middle of things. On one end, we have those wanting a more traditional Window Maker setup (and for the most part that is achievable, but without some of the Lemur flare). Then, on the other end, we have those that want a more modern (aka: flashy eye candy) setup. And Lemur is currently in the middle.

So, going forward, I need to make a decision. Stick with the current hybrid setup (my preference), ignoring the legacy Window Maker layout. Or switch Lemur to a new WM/DE setup. I’m open to suggestions and thoughts on this.

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