Lemur 5 Reborn!

Lemur 5 Reborn!

Liquid Lemur is about to be reborn with Lemur 5. Yesterday I finally figured out the issues with running a default Window Maker layout and the dockapps. As seen in the above screenshot from my laptop, it’s working fine.

Due to this recent discovery, I am changing Lemur back to a default Window Maker layout. This will give users a more “pure” Window Maker experience. I will leave the hybrid bits installed though, for those that like the hybrid layout.

So, what was the issue you might ask… It was just a simple “*” in a script. Yes, it was that simple… This “*” worked just fine in older versions of Lemur (Debian and Window Maker). The “*” in this script makes Window Maker cleaner on the desktop, so I’m hoping to find a workaround.

So, now we have a default Window Maker layout, UEFI compliant, and USB thumbdrive booting. All is right with the world! It will take some time to get Lemur 5 built and fine tuned, but it will be worth the wait!

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