The Return of Lemur

The Return of Lemur

I’ve been away from all things Liquid Lemur for awhile now. I started rebuilding Lemur from the ground up a couple years ago. I managed to get a prototype running on Debian 11. However, when I moved to Debian 11 (the last Lemur, 4.1 was on Debian 10) a lot of things broke. Several of the third party apps I used within Window Maker no longer worked. Several of the Window Maker dockapps stopped working as well. In order to keep using Window Maker, Lemur would have to remain in its hybrid state. This resulted in me pausing development until I could come up with a solution.

This brings us to 2023. I’ve started developing Lemur again. I’m not sure if I’m to remain on Window Maker, even in its hybrid state. So, I’ve toyed with the idea of switching Lemur to a new DE. The image in this post shows one such idea. Liquid Lemur Openbox. I have thought about switching back to Xfce (Lemur’s original DE). But I just can’t seem to let go of Window Maker for some reason.

In the coming weeks I will be building the Debian base that will host the next Lemur. During that time, I will decide on Lemur’s DE.

Welcome back!

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