Welcome to Liquid Lemur Linux (aka: Lemur)!

This is the home and support site for Liquid Lemur, a Debian based OS. It’s a 64-bit hybrid Window Maker. Lemur has been around for a few years. It was dormant for a bit, but has been resurrected. The new Lemur is still in its early stages of development, but as with the past Lemurs it will get better with each release.

We invite you to browse the site, join our forums, and give Liquid Lemur a try. For those familiar with Lemur, this new release (3.x) will be a little different. For one, it’s a Window Maker only OS now (this may change). Also, Lemur is getting back to its roots of being a “base” OS for one to build upon. This means we will be “trimming the fat”, so to speak. A lot of the “extra” packages will no longer be installed by default (more details in forums).



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